Evaluation tool:

Click on the link to access the Interactive Evaluation Questionnaire that will permit to assess the quality of e-learning based language training materials.
In order to check the quality of the selected training product, it is necessary to answer all questions proposed. The Interactive Evaluation Questionnaire will permit to evaluate:

- The usability of the training product assessing aspects such as: facility in navigation; clarity of instructions; level of interactivity etc.
- The contents of the training product, including aspects such as: logical structure of contents; updating of contents; sources indications; compatibility with target users etc.
- The services available for the training products, for example the availability of a tutoring service or of a learning community etc.
- Other aspects of the training products such as: the graphical interface; the educational value; the compatibility of the learning environment with the contents etc.

Once you will have filled in the Interactive Evaluation Questionnaire you will receive a score for the product evaluated as well as some comments on the quality of the product.

Ready to use Kit:

Click on the links to access a selection of software for the production of e-Learning materials for language teaching and learning. The selection of software is divided into the following subject areas:

- Course Management Systems
- Learning Content Management Systems
- Learning Management System – platform
- Software Tools for developing tests
- Software Tools for developing e-learning courses
- Software tools for creating audio, video and images
- Using Flash for creating interactive images



Leonardo Da Vinci

The LeTS project has been carried out with the support of the European community. The content of the project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the Italian National Leonardo Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part



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