Useful Links

LeTS GO web site
Link to the LeTS GO project website.

Italian National Agency
Link to the Italian National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci.

LLP Programme
European Commission Programme created to enable individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe.

Language Conference
The 4th edition of the International Language Conference on New Technologies for Language Learning and Teaching took place in Florence on 20/21 October 2011

ELS Portal
The ELS Portal is a powerful online resource for those who are willing to improve their language competence in a business context.

The project, promoted and coordinated by Pixel, aims at promoting the use of the ELS portal, language learning tool addressed to administrative personnel in firms.

The project has the objective to develop a European network among public and private institutions teaching the less known languages.

The project has the objective to promote the knowledge of the less taught languages through the creation of an online database of products and courses for the learning of those languages.

ELP - European Language Portfolio
The European Language Portfolio was developed and piloted by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, from 1998 until 2000. It was launched on a pan-European level during the European Year of Languages as a tool to support the development of plurilingualism and pluriculturalism.

The aim of the ActivELP projectis to promote an effective use of the European Language Portfolio (ELP) in electronic format, developing a specific training program for language teachers.

COLTT: Collaborative Learning Teacher Training
The project, promoted by VUC Vestsjaelland Syd (DK), aims at creating an on-line platform for cooperative learning in the framework of language teaching.

The project, promoted and coordinated by EuroED (RO), aims at promoting language learning through ELS on-line portal. The project is addressed both to vocational school and to SMEs.

Je Parle donc J\'écris
The project, promoted by In.For.Ef (BE), aims at facilitating the learning of the french language through Alfonic methodology.

Link to Italian Section of the European Language Label
The European Language Label is an aknowledgment distinguishing the most innovative projects in the framework of language learning on a National level

The project, promoted by Froebel College of Education (IE), aims at teaching Irish (Gaelic) exploiting Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodologies

DEAFVOC - Gebärdensprachen und europäische Schriftsprachen in der virtuellen Berufsausbildung von Gehörlosen
Seven project partners from four European countries have collaborated in this Leonardo da Vinci project coordinated by the Finnish League of the Deaf. The aim of this project is the development of language teaching in the vocational education of deaf people.

Second-language Competency for Technicians in Industry (Lang2Tech) will establish new approaches to the learning and demonstration of competence in a second European language and foster greater mobility in Europe of skilled technicians. The project will adopt and restructure the European Certificate of Basic Skills (EUCEBS) ePortfolio tool to support the validation of occupationally-focussed language learning. The project will generate a Europe-wide Lang2Tech Certification will be developed based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

MW-TELL Portal
The project aims to improve Language Learning instruction by expanding the resources for teaching and learning in Vocational Education Training (VET). MW-TELL Portal intends to promote access to mobile-supported training services for the provision of on-demand Lifelong Language Learning, beyond time and place restrictions.

Language on Film
The Languages on Film project captures the best of the new secondary curriculum, combining language learning with applied use of ICT and the learning of new media skills. The project offered students the opportunity to use their foreign language skills creatively and for a real purpose. This cross-curricular project also developed students’ media skills, the independent use of ICT, and provided opportunities for students to develop Personal Learning and Thinking Skills as self-managers, reflective learners, independent enquirers, team workers and creative thinkers

Language Trap: An Adaptive Language Learning Video Game
Language Trap is an innovative language learning video game for Leaving Certifi cate German students. The game aims to immerse students in an interactive game world that seamlessly blends language learning with motivating game play.

EuroCatering Language Training
EuroCatering is a language learning tool for trainees and workers in the Hotel and Catering industry based on the analysis of trainees’ linguistic and cultural needs while on placement abroad in the hospitality sector

English Language Support Project for Post-primary Schools
This project has developed a practical, freely-available and cost-effective approach to the teaching of English as a second language in post-primary schools

Language Learning by Radio (LALERA)
This initiative aims at setting a didactic path for teaching Italian/Romanian language by means of radio broadcasts and it addresses a particular branch of the labour force (home healthcare nurses)

L\'Italia in Diretta
The project L’Italia in diretta is run by the Department of Italian at the National University of Ireland, Galway (IE). The project consists of an interactive website, specifically designed and managed by undergraduate students for students of secondary schools in Ireland. The website is in English and Italian to stimulate interest among those who already study the language and those who are new to this subject

Audacity and Kar2ouche
This entertaining initiative is based on the student’s love of music and uses the confrontational dialogues in rap music to encourage students to learn French

Jinrikisha- how we learnt Japanese
A series of six parts of audio recordings and podcasts where students at the SOAS Language Centre are invited to talk, in an optimistic and positive way, about the joys and frustrations of learning Japanese. Students, from beginners to intermediate, have come together to discuss what they found easy or difficult about learning the language. The recordings provide support and motivation for other students as well as some wonderful and original learning tips. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning experience, and to become more autonomous. Teachers become more aware of the learners' needs and learning methods. The project has effectively created a community of learners who rarely meet.

COMMPACT - Language ommunity and training material for Polish and Czech language with focus on business topics
The project COMMPACT offers a set of tools, methods and language courses and is to be seen as an extension of existing offers to learn Polish or Czech language within a European context.

This project, supported by the British government, aims at boosting students to learn a foreign language. This collaboration was possible due to the support of Brest and the Ministry of Education. With this project, the students are thrown into situations where they have to communicate in a foreign language. It gives the opportunity to the students to establish a connection every day for 30 minutes on various themes

Car Repair, Service and Retail content orientated language learning in Poland (Intercar)
Project aims at supporting on innovative approaches in vocationally-orientated language learning (English, German and French) in schools teaching in field of car repair, service and retail, through the transfer of existing innovative teaching methodologies used in Slovakia and in the UK, and their adaptation for the specific needs of the VET system in Poland.



Leonardo Da Vinci

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