How Important is the Credit History in the Case of Loans and Cash Loans


You’ve probably come across an offer where a loan company will not require you to get any income certificates and declare that it will not check your data in the Credit Information Bureau. Does this mean that they are not completely interested in your financial situation? Maybe, however, the loan companies have other ways to check whether you will be able to pay? See for a write-up

Rigorous conditions at banks

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When applying for a cash loan at the bank, we are counting on the fact that we must absolutely meet some basic conditions. First of all, banks require us to have adequate creditworthiness. Another issue to be met, of course, is having a positive credit history. All bank branches are obliged to check all their potential clients in the Credit Information Bureau.
This is the most common reason why many people decide to borrow money from companies offering their products in the non-banking sector. They are simply afraid that they are not able to meet all the conditions set by the bank? Can we really expect that the company will not check our credit history in any way?

It turns out, however, that this aspect is really different. We should start with the fact that practically all loan companies check our data in the debtors’ registers. Indeed, it does not necessarily have to be an Economic Information Bureau. But you also need to be aware that there are also other debtors’ registers. These include, among others, the Economic Information Bureau or the National Register of Debtors.

Therefore, for some companies, in fact loans without BIK are a mere advertising trick. Because anyway, our data will be checked in the above-mentioned registers of debtors. However, a separate issue is whether this issue will have any impact on the receipt of the loan.

Here, loan companies operate according to their own arrangements. Of course, they must follow the provisions of the Act on non-bank loans. But even if a person is distinguished by a negative credit history, in many websites, he still has a good chance of receiving this loan. In such circumstances, the Lender either checks the creditworthiness of his client or risks and grants him a loan for a previously submitted statement.

If you belong to people who urgently need cash, but at the same time you have a negative entry in the debtors’ registers, it is necessary to answer the question whether you will actually manage to repay the new liability. It may turn out that a negative story results only from previous negligence or missing the repayment date. But if you have financial problems all the time, unfortunately you can make your situation even worse. It is better not to take out a loan, if it is likely that you will not be able to pay it too. Because the costs of late payment in the case of non-bank loans are really high.