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The database contains more than 800 elearning based language teaching and learning products which were evaluated by language teachers at secondary school and university levels based in 8 European countries. The products contained on the database can be used for the teaching of 18 different European languages.

Users can search the database using the categories proposed: Language (e.g. English, Italian, French etc); Type of product (e.g. online course, CD Rom, Learning Game etc.); Target Group Level (e.g. Beginners; intermediate etc.); Target Group (e.g. adults, children, business people etc.).

The search criteria can be crossed, so for example it is possible to search a product that is an online course, to teach German to business people with intermediate knowledge of the language.

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The evaluations of elearning based language teaching material contained in the LeTS database have been carried out by European language teachers who have given their own personal opinion on the products tested.

Please notice that the evaluations included in the database only express the opinion of the teacher who assessed the training product.

Below there is the link to "Evaluations made by Users". This is the link to evaluations of elearning based language learning products made by the LeTS Portal external users. Please notice that the evaluations included in the database only express the opinion of the users who assessed the product.

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